X-treme Weekend…

I recently wrote, produced and performed an original song for a movie that was cut up into webisodes call Extereme Weekend. The producers weren’t able to get the rights to the music they originally licensed for one of the scenes, so they called me. They needed a replacement song fast, so I called the wonderous Sean C. (of “co-producer on our Self Titled Album” fame) and Sean helped me get them a new song asap. We were both pretty happy with what we got, considering we worked on it for a VERY short time and had to squeeze a lot of quality and content into a very small window. If you’re interested in hearing the final product go here:


I wrote it, arranged it, sang it, and played the schmaltzy piano opening. Sean did everything else; music, drum programming, mixing… We did it all separately because time was an issue, so we didn’t have the luxury of working together, but that proved to be pretty interesting. We found out it was a good set up if we ever need to do it again. Thanks to the world wide web, we emailed files back and forth and talked about it all over the phone. Super easy, and faster than driving 5 miles in rush hour traffic for four days in a row.

We ended up doing a sarcastic love/hate pop song in the vein of the Ramones called “Fee Fi Fo Fum.” One of these days we’ll get around to recording the full length version which is pretty good too.

Here’s part of the poster from the orginal film version:

for more info you can go to the film website: http://www.x-tremeweekend.com/x-treme_weekend.com/index.html

Check it out!


Tori Amos

A few months back I went with a good friend of mine to see Tori Amos perform at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. I have never seen her perform before, not even in a video, so I was shocked at what the night turned out to be. I had heard all about how she has sex with her piano bench and channels the devil, etc. etc… Those things are true and good and right and she totally lived up to her sensationalist reputation. But is makes me sad that this is what people walk away with when they see her play. That “she grinds her piano bench” is what they see.

Photo by zzzed

I saw something very different. I saw a wild woman who has no control over her actions and complete control of everything else. I saw a little girl so freaked out that she withdrew into a woman who can only express her pain through lyrics that fuck you up with awkwardness and horror and humor and bizarre imagery. I see a brilliant talent, misunderstood like most brilliant talents.

Tori is one of the most fascinating artists I have ever seen with my own eyes. I still can’t understand how she can pedal two different melody’s with dueling piano, pound on the keys to one with her left hand and tinkle the keys on the other with her right hand. And she’s playing ALONE and it sounds like there are fifty musicians on stage with her. It seemed like the bassist and drummer barely played and when they did it was clear that they knew to stay out of the way. I wouldn’t ever try to get involved. I give them credit and it was clear that she did too.

I have never seen anything like it in my life. I couldn’t take me eyes off of her. I couldn’t get my jaw off the ground. I was in tears. I was in awe. I was inspired. I was totally intimidated. I was totally freaked out. It’s why I love music. It’s what music is about. ugh. Amazing.

She hasn’t had a radio hit in a while, but her fans are hardcore and I can see why – she will most likely always be able to tour and make money playing. And good for her. It’s a total shame that she’s not changing the direction of music and radio independently. At least she’s staying true to herself and making you want to die from the addictive uncomfortability at her shows. That’s who she is – at least on stage anyway. I get the feeling that in person she can barely even speak. She seems painfully shy, until she’s onstage and then she’s painfully in control of everything.

She’s rad. Go see her. Don’t spend a dime on another show unless you have enough left over to see her when she comes to a theater near you. Everyone should experience that kind of raw passion and talent at least once a year or so. Very few people in this world have it. So it makes sense to revel in the ones that do. Revel in it. areciate it. Even if you don’t like her music, at least bow down to her ability to play it.

Thanks to my friend Katie for dragging me out. I wasn’t really looking forward to it other than just to get out of the house and go see music with my friend. Now I’ll be at every Tori Amos show I can make when she’s in town.

Unruly Helga nominated for 2 awards at the 2009 JPF Music Awards

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Out of 42,000 albums and 560,000 songs submitted in 2008 (this makes it the largest music awards of any kind in world history), Unruly Helga was nominated not once, but two times for the 2009 Just Plain Folks (JPF) Awards!
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