My next new project…?

It has been a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time since I have really played music, “Unruly” or otherwise.  Sure I occasionally sit down at the piano – I sing songs to my son all day long – I even pick up the plastic mallets and play Farmer in The Dell on his Bath Xylophone now and then while he sings his heart out and suds up.  But I haven’t really played music since I got pregnant three years ago, and before that it was sporadic at best.

Why?  Well – for those who have been asking, here’s the very short answer:  I was extremely burnt out from a thankless industry, and desperately needed time away from the constant pressure I put on myself, my music, and my band to reach goals that are seemingly unreachable.  I needed to shake things up before I was going to put myself back out there to play music again.  I wanted to spend time with my family, figure out how to be a mom, stop worrying about “making it” and start thinking about more important things, like my son and my husband.  So last August, we moved out of sunny/smoggy Los Angeles to beautiful, bountiful, unbelievable Bend, Oregon.  What’s in Bend, Or? So far everything that’s NOT in Los Angeles.  It’s truly been a Utopia.  I love it here.  I am stress free here.  I am pressure free here.  I am inspired and not so tired here.  I can breathe.  And, I actually WANT to play music again.

So the time has come for another new beginning.  Only this time I have about a million different things happening, and not a single solitary moment of solitary.  So although I have a several great new music projects started in my head and tons of big ideas, a start and/or finish date is not set for any of them.  But, here I go again…


Deena In the center of Bend, OR. Photo taken by Angela Kamm while walking and shopping Downtown.


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  1. eric on February 17th, 2012 11:15 AM

    welcome to bend Unruly H.

    my name is eric and I have been in a band in town for a long time. We play original music that is, well unruly. the name of our band is
    helga. also, we are nice.


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