One Lonely Shoe – lyrics

written by: D. KAMM, C. PIAR

I don’t really hear you talking.
I don’t really feel you walking next to me.
I don’t really see you trying.
I don’t really think that I am incomplete.

I don’t really understand you.
I don’t really get the meaning of this game.
Now I wanna twist and bend you.
Now I wanna wrap my hands around your brain.

And then I hear my name and you touch my side.
And then my body strays and I just can’t hide.
And then the sun comes out and it blinds my eyes.
And then I suffocate and I start to die.

I saw one lonely shoe on the side of the road.
I found a stray cat eating out of a crow.
I found a spirit lost hanging ‘round my front door.
I hope that lonely shoe can find it’s way back home.
I hope that life will be complete for them someday.

drums, tin can, bass, guitars: C. PIAR
guitar solo: SEAN CARTER
vocals: D. KAMM
additional vocals: VICKI CAMPBELL