Split – lyrics

written by: D. KAMM

And I guess we’re not supposed to be.
No this wouldn’t be good for me at all.
Where are the people that I thought we once were.
I wanna know, cuz I stand alone.

I want to see you pay. I want to find a nice red brick and
I wanna hold it. I wanna hold it.
I wanna see how long I can control it.
Don’t you want to play my game little boy?
Don’t you want to play my game?
Are you afraid of me? Do you find me intimidating?

Maybe one day you’ll come back and pick up these pieces,
pieces of me, scattered in the corners on the floor.
And I keep wondering why we had to part
when from the start it was you and me.

You wanna feel this pain?
Someone would have to rip out your heart
and make you hold it, and get to know it,
and make you see you never can control it.
Are you bold enough to play my game little boy?
Fierce enough to play my game?
Or are you scared to see maybe you’ve been needing me.

Well I just thought I’d be by your side.
I wanted to be. I think I need to be.
And I kept waiting for you to call me home.
So where’s the man I thought you would be?
In my every dream your still holding me.
you’re just another hero who took a fall.

drums: S. MUNDY
fretless bass: JOHN BRINKMAN
guitar: C. PIAR
vocals: D. KAMM