Great Girl – lyrics

written by: D. KAMM, Y. TAKIYAMA

she’s got perfect teeth
a tiny waist – size 5 feet
a level head and no insecurities
she’s got perfect teeth

so you say she’s got her degree
speaks 7 languages fluently
I bet you’ve never even heard her scream
with her perfect teeth

she’s your teacher
she’s your savior
she’s your lover
she’s a great girl

she’s got bright blue eyes
she never gives up on you – she always tries
she probably even lets you hold her when she cries
so so fine

she sees to all your needs
she’s every mother’s dream
I bet you never know that once a month she bleeds
with her perfect teeth

she’s your sunshine
she’s your angel
she’s your sweetheart
what a great girl

I know I’ll never have all those qualities
and after all you deserve the best of everything
I won’t be bitter – I won’t be mad
she’s just plain better and I’m so so so sad

she’s got perfect teeth
bicycle hair and size 2 jeans
a perfect life – a sexy everything
she’s your virgin
in her pigtails
she’s your whole world
what a great girl

acoustic & electric guitar, bass: Y. TAKIYAMA
drums: S. MUNDY

rhythm electric guitar: D. BUCHANAN
vocals: D. KAMM