X-treme Weekend…

I recently wrote, produced and performed an original song for a movie that was cut up into webisodes call Extereme Weekend. The producers weren’t able to get the rights to the music they originally licensed for one of the scenes, so they called me. They needed a replacement song fast, so I called the wonderous Sean C. (of “co-producer on our Self Titled Album” fame) and Sean helped me get them a new song asap. We were both pretty happy with what we got, considering we worked on it for a VERY short time and had to squeeze a lot of quality and content into a very small window. If you’re interested in hearing the final product go here:


I wrote it, arranged it, sang it, and played the schmaltzy piano opening. Sean did everything else; music, drum programming, mixing… We did it all separately because time was an issue, so we didn’t have the luxury of working together, but that proved to be pretty interesting. We found out it was a good set up if we ever need to do it again. Thanks to the world wide web, we emailed files back and forth and talked about it all over the phone. Super easy, and faster than driving 5 miles in rush hour traffic for four days in a row.

We ended up doing a sarcastic love/hate pop song in the vein of the Ramones called “Fee Fi Fo Fum.” One of these days we’ll get around to recording the full length version which is pretty good too.

Here’s part of the poster from the orginal film version:

for more info you can go to the film website: http://www.x-tremeweekend.com/x-treme_weekend.com/index.html

Check it out!



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