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That time when you didn’t look at your old website for about 5 years….

This is me now… working at my desk.

You know how when you have a band – it’s your whole life – you do nothing but write, play, rehearse, promote… And then one day you meet a guy, fall  in love, have a baby, buy a house, settle down, etc… Band falls to the wayside. In my case it fell to the way way side.

Lately Google has been sending me reports about how my website is fairing online. To be honest I didn’t even look at those reports until yesterday, which was about 6 months after I have been regularly receiving them (that I can remember.) I have been in a highly productive state lately with the start of another new business here in Bend, Oregon. I basically have to burn through my work list to get them done asap, but it also means that I burn through the unrelated things as well, and I do it fast. So ironically, at a time when I really have no extra time for updating things like my old website from 10 years ago, I burned right through finding out that ALL my media links were broken on and then quickly fixing them.

I’m sure the problems I fixed today on my website have been there for years, but today… I think I fixed everything. And I did it in about 45 minutes then raced out to pick my son up from school. Isn’t that crazy? Only 45 minutes to fix something that’s been broken for years. So lame. So typical.

Anyway – all that to say: enjoy the links to my music playlists as they are all working now! The whole songs are up there this time instead of snippets so stream away. Feel free to buy the albums or you can always download them digitally on just about every site that sells music online. Whatever works for you. The music is old, but I still feel like it’s not THAT outdated. I’m not the best judge of that though as all the songs will always be relevant to me.

If you’re interested in what I’ve been up to for the last year you can see one of my latest creations here:

I developed a Rock Choir geared for everyone. EVERYONE. I sing once a week with the lovely locals from my town who want to “sing their face off” (that’s our moto.) It’s been very rewarding work. Turns out the whole world wants to sing. But where can they do it – loud – with a full band? Well now they can do it in Bend Oregon.

Signing off for another 5 years or so! Thanks for checking in.


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