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Unuruly Helga 03

The self titled album, Unruly Helga, was the third and final release by the band in 2005. UH's drummer, Scott Mundy, missed the photo shoot for the album cover, but the band had been a solid foursome for years at that point with the occasional appearance of original co-producer Curt Piar jumping in on lead guitar at many of the shows and tours. This album also had an acoustic cover, Burnin' For You, that got picked up by many different stations on Sirius Radio and other online music providers of the time.

Like all of Deena's music, the original songs were very personal to her. Each one about someone in her life, (Light as Air - written for her soon to be husband. Thicker Than Heroine about her brother Tommy. Maybe You and Miserable are both about her relationship with music and the industry, and the rest are for ex's that she was moving on from.) or a message to the world (Black Man In Simi Valley and Undercurrent.)

Unfortunately this kick ass album was never supported by a tour. Many of the songs were co written by YT (Yukihide Takiyama) who went on to become a pretty big deal in his home country, Japan.  It was mixed and mastered by the mega talented friend and fellow musician, singer, songwriter Sean Carter who remixed and remastered the first two UH albums at the same time. There was a big and official album release party and everyone who worked on the album attended. That was pretty much the last time Unruly Helga was together as a group. 

Deena is very proud of the work on this album and the very clear evolution the band had.... But after many 10+ years it was clear the time had come to move on. 

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