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Story of a Girl

Story of a Girl was Deena's debut album first released under the artist name Deena Noroian. At that time Unruly Helga was strictly Deena's business name and publishing company, but would eventually become the band name as well. Deena worked one on one with music producer and musician Curt Piar to produce this first album under his then indie label, Rain Records. Piar would go on to tour with Deena and co-produce her next two albums as well.

​After Story of a Girl was complete, Deena put together what would become her band for the rest of the life of Unruly Helga: Scott Mundy (drums), Perry Ostrin (drums) Deb Buchanan (guitar), Yukihide YT Takiyama (bass), and Curt Piar (guitar). After working for rock legend, Pat Benatar, as a mangers' assistant, Deena was able to book herself as the opening act for Benatars' Summer Tour in 2000. Doing only acoustic versions of the songs from this first and only album, Deena and her band developed a loyal following of their own. Using the momentum from their opening act status, they able to continue making albums and touring on their own for the next several years.

Deena's early songwriting efforts were not only a cathartic experience for herself, but also became a beacon for many of the voiceless women who found, and loved her music. With songs about women's rights, female empowerment, and gender inequalities, Deena was quickly realizing that she was not alone in needing an outlet for her frustration and often rage that comes from unjust and oppressive cultural norms. She was speaking directly to these daily struggles through her songs like Pimp, Split, and Story of a Girl.

​In 2006 Deena got married, changed her name to Deena Kamm, and rebranded herself and her band as Unruly Helga. Deena hired long time friend and musician Sean Carter to remix and remaster this album, and her sophomore release, No Alternative, which are the versions you will hear on this website and around the web.

Album Liner Notes and Credits

Produced and Engineered by Curt Piar and Deena Noroian (Kamm)

Recorded at Proving Ground Studio, Simi Valley, CA

Remixed by Sean Carter, Curt Piar, and Deena Kamm

Mastered by Sean Carter


Art Direction and Design by Rene’ Fonteboa

Layout by Deena Kamm & Jillian Suzanne

Photography by Diane Fonteboa

All Songs written by Deena Noroian (Kamm) except for:

“Once I’m Not Around” & “Positive Love Song” written by Joshua Path, “Ashley” written by Noroian/Path, and “The Hut Sut Song” written by L.V. Killion, J. Owens, T. McMicheal.


All songs © 1998, except for Positive Love Song © 2007

All songs published by Unruly Helga (BMI), except for “Ashley” (p) by Unruly Helga/Sherman Way Songs, “Once I’m Not Around” (p) by Sherman Way Songs (BMI), “Positive Love Song” (p) by Mad Mogi Music (BMI), and “The Hut Sut Song” (p) by Hill and Range Songs c/o Warner Chappell Music, ASCAP.

Manufactured in the USA. All Rights Reserved.

Unauthorized duplication means we don’t make any money and can’t

afford to make quality recordings. Please just try to pay for it if you can.

Thank You to: Curt Piar and Sheryl Godbey (Piar), for enduring the crazed. Joshua Path, Scott Mundy, Cronin Tierney, Jason Howe, John Brinkman, Sean Carter, Cori Jacobs, Kevin Kearn, Brian Kahn, Jeff Erdman, Micheal Kreple, Tommy O, Ron Bloomberg, Vicky Campbell, Lisa Kushell (Arch), Moe Irving, and Mark Davis for all of their talents and time. Kent at World Music, Jason Orme, and Jon Cordea for the use of their insturments and equipment. Rene’ and Diane

Fonteboa, Leslie Patson, Graham Becker, Yoda, and the Chupacabra.

Very Special thanks to Curt Piar for being the impetus for this album.

With the hope of saving a tree - lyrics, song credits,

and everything else is on our website.


The Story of Story of a Girl: This debut album by Deena Noroian was originally recorded in 1998 in the garage of her Co-Producer, Curt Piar. It was released by the now defunct indie record label, Rain Records. After Story of a Girl was promoted live at venues and clubs across the country, the duo went on to record No Alternative, Deena’s sophmore effort released in 2000.

A few years later they began recording Unruly Helga, the self titled band effort that inspired Deena to remix, remaster and re-release Story of a Girl under Deena’s new nom de plume, Unruly Helga. Now using her married name, Deena Kamm, she is as dedicated as ever to her music and her band, Unruly Helga.

Thank you to Deb Buchanan, Yukihide Takiyama (YT), Scott Mundy, Curt Piar and Perry Ostrin for playing these songs live so many times over the past 11 years and making them sound even better than they do on the record. Special thanks to Sean Carter for spending his time and efforts to re-mix/re-master this album.

© 2007 All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws, and just not cool. Made in the USA.

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