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The Basics

It has been some time since that life-changing day when Deena Kamm, the voice and alter ego of Unruly Helga, decided to "do her own thing." It may not have been one specific day, or moment, or anything else that you can put your finger on. It was more likely a lifetime of moments that lead to a clear decision that enough was enough. She found her voice and was prepared to step up and use it. "It's all about substance. It's all about knowing who you are. It's all about remaining true to those things and being as authentic as possible in your songs."

Before Kamm even stepped foot into her first solo recording session she spent several years learning the ropes as a background and session singer for several local bands and production companies. Splitting from her friend's band, and turning down offer after offer to join others, would lead her to something more significant than she ever imagined; her own band, her own music, her own voice. These days Helga (aka Deena) keeps busy with new projects, teaching, running businesses, and of course, her family.  But she is still writing songs, playing music, and just generally rocking indie style in beautiful Bend, Oregon.

Unruly Helga has three full length albums in their repertoire. They have toured as part of major tours and independently, bringing their unique sound to thousands of fans across the United States, playing venues ranging from dive bars, to local clubs, to large venues and even several stadiums. They achieved enormous mainstream radio success with their Linkin Park acoustic cover "One Step Closer" a single released in conjunction with their second album "No Alternative". You can still hear Unruly Helga songs around the world today playing their story of perseverance and tenacity. Theirs is a story about knowing what you want and not letting anybody change that. It's about expressing yourself for no other reason then it feels right, and that shouldn't be controlled by an industry of people who need to chew you up and spit you out to make money. It's a story about making music that has a strong, clear, unwavering voice.

After over a decade of playing, performing, and making music that continues to inspire people of all ages, looking back at what this band has accomplished is pretty darn gratifying. Unruly Helga's idea of success is not measured in monetary figures, but in the intensity of music created without the mainstream iron fist that kills the art in the artist. So rip it, burn it, download it, you may even be as bold as to purchase it. However you do it - please enjoy the music. Let's try to get back to a time of actually listening and forming opinions, and allowing yourself - maybe even forcing yourself - to think... for yourself. From one voice of a broken generation to another, good luck out there.

"lyrics that have something to say as opposed to just saying something"

                                                             - West Coast Performer

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